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We are proud to present the finest yoga teachers from all over the world, carefully selected by the team of Yoga Magazine.

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On this website we give you a selection of our latest videos of our yoga classes. All of them have been tested by ourselves and proven to be very relaxing, energizing or otherwise helpful. And every three weeks, there will be more to come!
Heleen Peverelli

Shoulder Bliss

A powerful balance of mobilizing the shoulder joints in full grace. Learn to move and flow with fluid grace to embody the importance of the shoulder joint. Mobilize the joints without compromising their integrity. Afterwards you will feel peaceful, happy and powerful!


Happy Hips Flow

A smooth flow of hip openers to make you happy. Francesca helps you to create space in each joint and to enter the poses with ease. As you sink into new free space in the body, you invoke mindfulness with movement and stillness, strength and happiness.


Seat of Isis

Sharon Gannon and her nephew Jules Febre will show you a classic Jivamukti sequence, inspired by chapter two of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s. Do join this class without a yogamat, so that you can really feel the floor and be grounded. When your connection to the earth is stable, you feel ease in body and mind. During the second part of the video, join Sharon and Jules singing Kirtan. Ask to feel the life force that connects us all and let go of the illusion of separateness.


Create Space in the Spine

With this practical Alignment class you lengthen the spine and create space in your back. Léah offers options for both beginners and advanced practitioners, so you can adjust the flow to your own level. You are the one who’s determining the challenge! End with a meditation which makes you tune in to your heart.


Ashtanga Primary Series

Skadi leads you through the Ashtanga Primary Series, a fixed set of asanas that you can practice regularly. Practicing these series on a regular basis makes you strong, flexible and helps you to get to know your body better. This is definitely a class for advanced practitioners. See what you can do and be gentle with your mind and body. Practice the poses in a way that feels good for your body.


Be Happy and Relaxed

Live from your heart, listen to your heart, follow your heart. These expressions all sound great and resonate with all of us, because it is what we long for. What gets in the way is our ego and mind telling us that it’s very difficult to do, or raising questions like ‘how do you know it is your heart speaking?’. This meditation opens the flow of the heart centre and helps you to drop the blockades of the ego, bringing you directly into the heart space. Here you can listen to your own wisdom voice, the voice of your heart.

world-class yoga teachers

Amanda Dee

Her curiosity led Amanda Dee to travel the world in pursuit of studying dance. In the USA she discovered her love of yoga. It combined everything that meant something to her.

Andréa Drottholm

Andréa encourages you to take responsibility for yourself before anyone else. She wants to share her tools with others.

Baron Baptiste

Baron has been instrumental in transforming the face of modern yoga in the United States.

Coral Brown

Coral's teaching style fuses the energetic creative energy of Prana Vinyasa Yoga (created by Shiva Rea) with her experience as a Holistic Counselor.

Dorinda Farver

Dorinda's key features are humor and a passion for life, and in yoga she finds both tranquility and challenges. Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga yoga.

which yoga style fits you best?

Hatha Yoga

Did you know that yoga types like Bikram, Jivamukti and Iyengar are all based on Hatha yoga? Hatha is one of the most accessible forms of yoga around.

Ashtanga Yoga

Are you ready for an incredibly intensive yoga class? Ashtanga means working, moving, focusing. Ashtanga yoga is sometimes called Vinyasa yoga or Flow yoga.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This is currently the most common style of yoga. It's also known as Flow yoga and combines poses with flow, one into another in a sequence.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga seems very physical because of the emphasis on precision and the fact that you get corrected in class. But not everything is what it seems.

Yin Yoga

Where we are, everybody is suddenly into Yin yoga. In Yin yoga, poses are held longer so you have time to explore your boundaries and push them further.

behind the scenes

Shooting videos with Erica Jago

Go behind the scenes of our video shoot with Erica. See camera woman Pascalle filming her whilst Erica is playing her hippie ukulele.